Not Just Lines and Calls

Naked Telecom believes that businesses should have clear telephony for your business to keep in contact with suppliers and customers. We want our customers to be well connected.

We do this by providing phone systems and lines:

  • Phone systems supply and installation including professional project management, installation and training.  Given our access to highly competitive call and line rates, we are well positioned to save costs for nearly all customers, from one or two phones up to multi-user Call Centers,
  • All types of lines including ISDN, analogue, high speed Internet and voice over IP. Our special Voice over IP (VoIP) service has quality guaranteesunlike many other offerings.  We also provide broadband, fibre to the cabinet and EFM circuits.
  • Calls.  We offer extremely competitive rates, particularly land line to mobile phone calls often 50% cheaper, with fully itemised billing,
  • No frustrating ping-pong between your existing phone system supplier and the network supplier as we look after both the network and the PBX,
  • Resilience built-in.  This makes our systems very reliable, especially compared to hosted over the Internet.

See Customer Feedback: Customer Reviews

You should choose Naked Telecom because-

  • Being authorised by Ofcom to provide telecommunications services in the UK is a good start.
  • Our network extends across the UK giving you end-to-end quality communications.
  • For businesses we sometimes build a Customer Private Network (CPN) to increase call quality and security.
  • You will have a Trusted Partner.  We have the accreditations and our engineers trained and worked at BT developing ISDN lines and systems.  We have worked for large government agencies and corporates as well as the smallest companies,
  • Specialist telecoms knowledge.  This includes voice over IP (VoIP) which we have been involved in since 1999 with extensive knowledge of IT, servers and LAN infrastructure.  If any issue needs radio expertise such as linking sites we have that covered as well,
  • With roots from traditional analogue and ISDN technology we know how to integrate legacy systems with the new VoIP based systems. Also we specialise in providing solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery to keep your business phone service running to ensure resilience and lack of down time,
  • Business PBX – We have partnered with 3CXand so Naked Telecom is an approved reseller, installer and maintainer for the outstanding 3CX business phone system. Many organisations have adopted 3CX including Holiday Inn Hotels, American Express, Boeing, Pepsi, Carlsberg, Mitsubishi, Ramada Hotels, Wiltshire College, McDonalds, Harley-Davidson motorcycles to name just a few. See

We help you by:

  • Seeking to understand your business objectives,
  • Deploying the best technology such as lines, routers and PBX specific for your business,
  • Using your existing infrastructure where possible,
  • Working closely with your IT supplier or internal IT people.

Contact us to discuss your telecoms requirements for lines, call rate deals and business phone systems.

What Makes Naked Telecom Different?

It is crucial to create a professional image when anyone calls your company. This means that everything has to be right – announcements, music on hold and call quality plus quick and efficient routing of calls to the right person.

The way to implement a seamless, excellent quality Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system is to ensure that it is correctly installed by experts. We would’t just send VoIP over the open public internet unless the customer wanted their calls to sound like a Dalek! We engineer VoIP carefully.

We provide first class phone system solutions; either site based or hosted. These are built to be both resilient and reliable, as well as suiting the needs of your business.  “Resilient” means that if one service goes down, another one is available to take its place. (click this link for a video that explains more).

Naked Telecom look at solutions from several perspectives at the same time through our many years of experience:-

  • The best way to handle your customers’ inbound calls in conjunction with your business needs. This ensures that your customer speaks to the right person as soon as possible,
  • The optimum way of providing you with telephone service taking your existing circumstances into account – ensuring a smooth easy transition,
    • Given that BT has announced an end date for ISDN, we implement voice solutions using Internet technology without any compromise to call quality. ISDN solutions are still installed when appropriate. Our team designed, tested and rollout ISDN in the 1980’s when we were at BT who has recently announced a target date of 2025 to end ISDN services. So we understand the requirements for ISDN quality calls and engineer this with IP based systems. For us, telephony is not merely an app that runs on a server, there is much more to it than that.
  • Our solutions are proven,
  • No solution is too big or too small. They can easily range from 2 to 500,000 extensions,

We not only have the first class project management expertise available as well as in depth technical experience. This is the approach that we take:-

  • A complete audit to understand your organisation operations, the current system and network as it is now,
  • Design a cost-effective solution that meets your needs now and into the future,
  • Implement any changes or deploy a new solution b sed on appropriate Project Management methodologies,
  • Evolve the network and connectivity for a seamless change to minimise business impact and disruption.

For any size of business your telephone system is critical for customers to reach you. Therefore most need some form of resilience to eliminate down time. Many hosted telephone solutions simply rely on a single Internet connection, which can have good days and bad days. For telephony the service must be always on and working every day 24×7, 365 days per year.

Industry Experts in Telecoms

Engineers in our company are extremely well qualified and experienced.  They have worked on the development of ISDN, GSM and Mobile phone technology as well as IP networks and we have designed and built business phone systems (Private Branch Exchanges – PBXs).

Naked Telecom is authorised by Ofcom to provide telecommunications services in the UK.

Our Values

Naked Telecom believes that honesty, integrity and openness are very important in a 21st Century business. We believe in the naked truth so no complicated or hidden contracts. So this is why we are called Naked Telecom. 

We believe that the first priority is ensuring that our customer is more than satisfied.  We work with you closely to ensure that this happens every time. Another key value at Naked Telecom is to put our customers first. We will always want to hear your honest and open feedback at any time during our business relationship in order that we can become even better for our customers. Many clients engage us to deal with the frustrations they encounter with their telecoms.

Our overall value however is to provide quality solutions that solve our customers issues.


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