How We Install Phone Systems

How We Install Phone Systems

Our customers are looked after by our engineers when we migrate their phone system to an even better solution.

We have found that each customer has a unique set of circumstances and requirements. So we tailor our installation process according to the needs of our customers.

Richard Crabb explains how Naked Telecom operates …

I just thought that it might be useful for me to tell you something about how our company works.  We are about saying the whole truth on phone system solutions including lines, calls and mobiles. We uncover exceptional solutions.

Given our experience in the industry we have put together reliable solutions that you can count on.  We listen carefully to what you have to say in terms of your requirements; so that we make sure that you will end up with the right solution.  Once we have built the solution we encourage you to check it out before we install it for you.

You might have preferences in terms of the changeover.  For example we can run it in parallel with your existing solution and only once you are happy we will remove the old system.  Another popular method is to change over during a weekend so that everything is ready first thing on a Monday morning.  If you are a 24 by 7 operation, neither of these options might suit you.  Instead we can change over literally one phone at a time and keep operating seamlessly until the changeover is complete. We did this recently for a freight logistics company.

Our lines and calls are very competitive.  We use dedicated lines for voice over IP to maintain optimum quality at all times.  Our quality can be better than ISDN if you need it – and not many competitors can say that.  We have good rates for both traditional and voice over IP calls.

Finally, what about new technology and your expectations?  We have a range of solutions that support unified communications, obviously voice over IP and traditional lines.  Also, we can support an increasing number of mobile phones that can connect directly to the phone system.

Feel free to contact us, the number is on the web site. We have dedicated operators standing by to take your call.


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