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The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and ISDN in the UK is going off-line by 2024 – permanently!

The PSTN is being withdrawn from 2024. This means that your ISDN lines and your analogue lines will no longer be supported. This includes ISDN2, ISDN30 (both DASS and Q.931) connecting your on site PBX equipment as well as traditional copper direct exchange lines that you may still be using for phones, modems and possibly fax.

The simple truth is that BT Openreach who run the local network infrastructure in the U.K. is finding it’s becoming expensive to maintain the PSTN. Replacement parts are also more difficult to source and the skill set has deminished as engineers retire. Other countries also plan to switch off their PSTNs such as Germany and Sweden.

Its sad day for us as back in the 1980’s the founders of Naked Telecom were very instrumental in the development of the ISDN service in the UK. However we recognise new technology offers more flexibility than ISDN.

So what’s next.. the move is to VoIP and SIP connections. Now migrating from the existing PSTN and ISDN based system needs careful planning to minimise impact to the users in your business. We are helping many businesses do this. We also have specialist equipment for a smooth migration and to avoid a big-bang cut-over with the business risks that would otherwise present.  So please call 01935 200 210 to get your technical help.

Who we help …

We have been helping many IT managers in various organisations who are implementing a new telephony platform. These platforms are carefully chosen and designed and can be either on-site or cloud based or even a mix of the two. They provide enhanced productivity with Presence and call diverts for business continuity and call management. These systems are enabling staff who are more mobile and who work anyway such as in a cafe or at home to keep well connected with their office number.

So please call 01935 200 210 to get your technical help or ….


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