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The phone system products that we sell are described below.  We also sell phones, gateways and LAN switches.

Phone Systems Migrations

We install and are experts in 3CX. We have a wide range of experience of both ISDN and voice over IP deployments.

You can be sure that we will work closely to make sure that you make the right choice, but also to ensure that your implementation is trouble free.  Our expertise is with voice over IP (since 1999), ISDN (since 1990) and analogue systems (since 1975).

We help customers change from a traditional type of solution to voice over IP to provide a positive  impact on your organisation.


We provide Yealink, Fanvil and other phones.  These are installed with the phone system of your choice.  All IP phones meet open standards, giving you freedom of choice going forward.  This also makes changes easier to implement in the future.  All phones support power over Ethernet (POE) so that phones may be powered from a LAN switch (or power injectors).  Most phones that we sell also support 802.1Q VLANs, so that you can logically separate voice and data on the local area network.

Network Design

We are very experienced in deliverying consultancy for telecommunications regardless of the size or type of project.  For example, we can help with large deployments where a transition needs to be made from ISDN to voice over IP. No transition for us is too small or too large.  We can help accommodate a range of technologies so that they can all coexist at the same time.  If you need advice on a pilot, then we are well positioned to help.






Phone System Products


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