VoIP Gateways

VoIP Gateways for Analogue, ISDN and GSM

VoIP gateways are used to connect traditional phone lines to a voice over IP phone system such as 3CX or Asterisk phone systems.

There are several types of gateways that we install that work with 3CX and other IP based phone systems.  These are explained below.   You don’t need to worry about the detail as we will take care of all of this when designing a system.

ISDN Gateways

This allows a VoIP phone system to connect seamlessly to BT ISDN lines.  This applies to both ISDN30 and ISDN2E.  There is no limit in terms of the number of lines that can be accomodated.  This is by far the best way of connecting for example 3CX to BT phone lines.  A gateaway with 2 ISDN30 lines could provide 60 calls for example.  We sell and recommend both Patton and Beronet gateways for ISDN.  Any special requirements can also be catered for, such as DASS2.  There are still many systems connected this way.

VoIP Gateway


Analogue Line Gateways – for Exchange Line

This gateway connects to BT analogue lines.  From an audio quality point of view the results are not as good as an ISDN gateway.  However, a single line gateway is very low cost around £40.  This makes it a very useful for backup purposes, for example in the unlikely event that your voice over IP service goes down.  We sell and recommend Cisco, Beronet and Patton gateways depending on the requirement.

VoIP Gateway


Analogue Extension Gateways – for Extensions

These gateways can connect to analogue telephone extension phones.  This could be very useful for a factory or hotel, where there are already many analogue telephones installed.  Each gateway can support up to 24 analogue phones or as as few as one.  The major advantage is that no re-wiring is ncessary when there are already many analogue phones.

GSM Gateways  VoIP Gateway

This allows your voice over IP phone system to make use of one or more mobile SIMs.  This can make sense if your company has a significant mobile contract.  This can then allow “free” calls to be made from the office using the company’s mobile contract.  Bear in mind that the rates that we have access to will often beat what you can obtain from a mobile gateway.

Gateways to connect Proprietary Phones

We can connect a range of existing proprietary phones to a voice over IP phone system.  This means phones designed for Siemens, Panasonic and Toshiba pplus others.  This prevents you from having to replace all your phones when upgrading your phone system.  It is incredibly flexible and allows individual telephone buttons to be programmed.  For example, if your Siemens phone system has buttons programmed on telephones to show “busy lamp fields”, or quick dial then this allows the same functionality.



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