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We are experts in the deployment of phone systems, whether voice over IP or traditional.  We will look after you whichever way you choose to move forward

Installation of Phone Systems

We do the following before we install your phone system:-

  • Understand your objectives in sufficient detail for us to provide you with a proposal
  • Create a proposal and present it to you
  • Assuming that you accept our proposal we then perform a complete audit of all extensions, telephone lines and bills.  This helps us to rationalise all your costs before moving forward.  It is also crucial in ensuring that the new phone system is deplyed correctly
  • The next step is to install the new phone system often in parallel with the existing one, although this is not always possible
  • Provide training to all relevant people in your organisation
  • Change over from the old phone system to the new

Supply of New Lines

We can supply all types of phone lines including ISDN, analogue and voice over IP.  Most suppliers do not guarantee the number of calls with voice over IP solutions – however we do.  There are other types of connectivity that might also be appropriate for your business.  These include Ethernet First Mile (EFM), that provides a high quality connection for both voice and Internet access.  If you are able to cease a 30 channel ISDN, this will more than pay for the cost of an EFM circuit.  There is also GEA or Generic Ethernet Access, which is available if you have access to FTTC (fibre to the cabinet).  This again gives fast high quality access at a much better price than ISDN.  Your business could also connect using direct fibres at rates of up to 1Gbps.


Whatever type of line you have we are able to provide you with access to extremely good call rates.  To give you an idea calls from landline to mobile can be less than 6p per minute.  International calls again can be very competitive, especially if you are always calling the same destinations.

Local Area Network – Review

Before you install a phone system using existing local area network infrastructure it is advisable to check that it will meet the requirements.  Essentially you need to make sure that anywhere on the network voice calls will always be clear regardless of other data traffic on the LAN.  We can check your network and advise whether or not you need any upgrades.

Data and Voice Private Networks

We have experience in data and voice networks, so if you acquire another site for example we can easily connect it to your organisation with the minimum hassle.  There are many technologies around that mean that connectivity does not need to be expensive.  However, the right choices need to be made which we will help with.

Telecoms Cost Control

Would you like to check that you are not leaking money? We will audit your existing services to determine your current costs and see if there is potential to save money from necessary costs. We often find savings of around 30% or more.


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