Installation of Phone Systems

Installation of Phone Systems

We do the following before we install your phone system:-

  • Understand your objectives in sufficient detail for us to provide you with a fully written up proposal
  • Create a proposal and present it to you
  • Assuming that you accept our proposal we then perform a complete audit of all extensions, telephone lines and bills.  This helps us to rationalise all your costs before moving forward.  It is also crucial in ensuring that the new phone system is deployed correctly
  • The next step is to install the new phone system often in parallel with the existing one, although this is not always possible
  • Provide training to all relevant people in your organisation
  • Change over from the old phone system to the new

We take account of any special considerations that need to be made.  You may a set of requirements that need to be implemented.

We install the full range of phone systems installed by us, regardless of the system that you already have.  We work with your IT company or IT department to ensure that the phone system fully fits seamlessly within the your IT infrastructure

You will be appointed a project manager who will stay with the project through to completion.




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