Private Networks

Sending telecoms traffic over the public Internet is not always a good idea especially when it comes to voice. We design and deploy Customer Private Networks (CPN) that interconnect your office sites over a private Internet. So if you acquire another site for example we can easily connect it to your organisation.  There are many technologies which we determine to be the best for your specific business.

Examples of private networks are:-

  • VPNs over the Internet – This gives good basic access to other sites for voice and data
  • EFM – a good quality fast connection between sites.  Excellent for voice and data
  • MPLS and VPLS an engineered private network designed to meet all requirements

Give Us a Call ..

Please call 01935 200 210 to have an initial no obligation consultation.

It would be helpful if you have a few things ready that we may ask such as:

  1. where is your main business, its post code and main phone number
  2. the locations and post codes for all sites
  3. are you wanting to send data or voice between locations or even both?
  4. if you know, are you using ISDN?
  5. what are your timescales?

We will be delighted to hear more about your business and what you are wanting to achieve to see how we can help with your telecoms.

Please call 01935 200 210




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