Why We Do This

We set up Naked Telecom to reflect our values of providing quality service. We believe our customers should be well connected.

We also got really fed up with how some large phone companies treated customers with the many frustrations that resulted.

Moving offices or expanding into new premises or when existing line and system contracts end is bad enough without having to deal with telecom suppliers that cannot give you the support needed. So Naked Telecom was set up to help organisations with these challenges.

So at Naked Telecom we:

  • Overcome the confusion over what is the best system to deploy specifically for their business,
  • Overcome the ping-pong that often occurs between the telecom line supplier and the PBX supplier when issues arise,
  • getting high quality voice when moving to internet (VoIP) based telecoms,
  • Design robust and resilience with business continuity to ensure calls are not lost
  • Provide technical expertise to migrate from a legacy system such as ISDN and site-based PBXs.

Connecting You Well So You Can Be Well Connected.

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