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Business VoIP Telephony and Broadband

Support for Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire

Seamless VoIP, Network and Internet Services

Our experience project managing and installing Internet and data networks for critical services industries means we know how to move over your data and system seamlessly.

Adaptable Partners

We are trained to supply unified communications software and work with Gamma and Fidelity for high quality Internet and billing with limits and control.

Reliable Engineered Services

Our engineers are highly experienced with a lifetimes worth of knowledge. We are ready to solve your network or Internet issue and can build a solid VoIP system on top of your network.

IT Consultancy and Complete Telecoms Setup

If you are an IT professional we can advise you on how to setup a reliable VoIP system and network for your business.

A Complete VoIP Service

Installed in the Cloud or On-Premise

Range of VoIP Services

What makes Naked Telecom different?

How long will migrating to a new service take?

I’m not sure if I have an Internet connection good enough for VoIP. How can you be sure the service will work?

Can I setup a local number for my business?

We’re highly skilled with industry experience acquired through a range of demanding roles. We may be a small company but we are experts at what we do, and because of our small footprint we can offer the best rates and work with your IT department to save you money.
That depends on how many users you have and how you’d like to migrate. If for example, you are a small business with 4 users, we can get you setup straight away. If you’re a business with 300 users, the process may take a couple of months depending on human and business factors. We may need to consider departmental needs separately. Alternatively we can come in over the weekend when you’re closed to upgrade the network and phone system all at once.
If your network doesn’t seem capable for VoIP, there is probably something that can be done about it. We are network engineers at our core and can help you solve network related VoIP problems to ensure that your Internet connection is ready for VoIP.
Yes you can. You can even choose the exact number you like so that it’s memorable.

We'll Explain How Migration Works

Call 01935 318 318 to Speak to an Engineer

While you migrate to any service from Naked Telecom we will keep you informed along the way and make sure that when your service is installed, it just works.
We Explain how to Migrate
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