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Business Phone Systems

Business Phones for Adaptable Businesses

We'll migrate any phone system type on any network

Dependable VoIP Phone Systems

We enable your business to take calls from anywhere, reliably. Dependable VoIP phone systems for business empower your staff to communicate and collaborate.

Risk Free Migration

Network and Phone system migrations can be complicated. We will transition your phone system or network seamlessly. Guaranteed.

For Businesses Working From Home, Anywhere or from the Office

We will upgrade your system for technologies that enable you to be truly flexible, such as web client software (secure meetings from anywhere), mobile apps, network arrangements and business continuity.

Business Phone Systems

Benefits to Your Business

Save Money - Reduce your average monthly charges on phone bills.
Boost Your Brand - Integrate your phone system into your business, customise a virtual receptionist, or use an answering service to make sure you never miss leads.
Adaptable - We can make legacy technology work together with your current system. We can also setup call forwarding arrangements and create unique landline numbers for your various business listings.
Flexible - An inbound call is a business' most valuable channel with 45% of inbound calls generating a new enquiry. We can setup bells and whistles to make sure you never miss a call and so you can call from home.

A Complete VoIP Service

Installed in the Cloud or On-Premise

Range of VoIP Services

Complete Control and Flexibility

For Your Business

Home Working Systems

Business Integrated Systems

Set status easily: setup call forwarding for when you leave the office so that you can answer calls from anywhere - even up a mountain!
Range of handsets: large range of flexible handsets to suit accessibility and workflow requirements large range of flexible handsets to suit accessibility and workflow requirements
Use a mobile phone, Mac or PC app to make calls from anywhere. You can also use the web client to check call history, voicemail, schedule a secure web meeting and look at your systems’ receptionist view to see who’s on a call. You can also work from home easily.
Click to call: Unified Communications enables you to integrate with your CRM to make easy calls.
Easy to Use: user friendly web platform and computer integration made easy to use through great user Interface design.
Call recording/reporting/analytics: record your calls for legal or training purposes and monitor groups
On-Premise or Cloud: depending on your business requirements, we can offer you one or the other, or both for more resilience.
Security/reliability + fraud: host of security features with 3CX, Gamma and us to prevent fraud and voicemail hacks.
Use a mobile phone, Mac or PC app to make calls from anywhere. You can also use the Webclient to check call history, voicemail, schedule a secure webmeeting and look at your call controller platform to see who’s on a call.
Seamless scalability: to support a growing or shrinking workforce
Transition from legacy technology: NT has the expertise to plan your migration seamlessly and save you money if you still want to use legacy technology with your system
Complete control: access call logs and provision new users easily with 3CX Pro and MS Teams

What Our Customers Say

  • Personal Profile
    Gareth Golding
    IT Network Supervisor
    Battens Solicitors | Law Firm
    In migrating to our new network, every major critical deadline that we set was met. Our staff were able to continue using their phones and facilities, without interruption across all six sites. We can’t thank Naked Telecom and their service support staff enough for reducing our bills and being an excellent partner to work with.
    Gareth Golding - IT Network Supervisor
    Case Study
  • Personal Profile
    Robert House
    Kavanaghs | Residential and Commercial Estate Agents
    Naked Telecom took over from our existing IT provider who operated our telecoms for our two busy estate agent offices. We were struggling with the quality of voice calls on our existing system. We are very pleased with the result and call quality is now a lot better and we have even seen our costs drop significantly. Training was also brilliant and they are always helpful.
    Robert House - Director
    Case Study
  • Sam Crabb
    Le Chardon | Mountain Lodges
    We used to have really excessive call charges monthly from both BT and France Telecom. We were struggling to get a good service at a reasonable cost. Naked Telecom designed our telephone network and installed two 3CX phone systems for our Edinburgh offices. Our operation is 24 x 7 and Naked Telecom provides excellent technical support for us.
    Sam Crabb - Director
    Case Study
  • Steve Hague
    Station Manager
    Radio Ninesprings | Creative Industries
    Naked Telecom's response to technical queries and problems is always quick, often at unsociable times and this has helped ensure that our station remains on the air at all times. Without Naked Telecom, our project would have been impossible.
    Steve Hague - Station Manager
    Case Study

We'll Explain How Migration Works

Call 01935 318 318 to Speak to an Engineer

While you migrate to any service from Naked Telecom we will keep you informed along the way and make sure that when your service is installed, it just works.
We Explain how to Migrate
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