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Our Mission

I, Richard Crabb started Naked Telecom in the summer of 2013. I had already enjoyed a long career in IP technologies project managing VoIP and traditional telephony migrations for corporations and public sector institutions so I thought the time was right to go in a new direction.

I wanted to create a company that was honest, sustainable, dependable and respected through word of mouth. The company has been expanding at a sustainable rate and we haven’t taken out any loans since our inception, hence the name Naked Telecom.

My insights come from my experience, and I could see that many customers were not getting value from their telephony solutions and that solutions were often an afterthought supported on unsuitable networks. Some businesses didn’t get the control they wanted or needed either.

Why pay more if you do less tinkering with your system? Naked Telecom can save businesses time, money and can reduce the rate of failure of phone systems and networks by taking an appropriate level of control. This approach has been particularly useful for some of our charity clients, garages and other small businesses we have built phone systems and networks for.

We are a business that saves small to large businesses significant investment outlay on their Internet and telecoms services, we will migrate your old system seamlessly without disruption, and we will enhance your business’s communications and improve collaboration through information liberation.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide seamless, reliable and adaptable Internet and Telecoms services for small and large business alike.

Richard Crabb
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Personal Profile
Richard Crabb
Walking, film, reading history

Richard is a deeply passionate and skilled engineer who cares about honest service and reliable phone systems and networks. Richard has had a sustained career focusing on IP technologies and ISDN, playing a role in its nationwide rollout - managing network migrations for enterprises such as Whirlpool and large NHS hospitals. He has a keen eye for detail, is a qualified BCS project manager and is a calm and friendly presence to work with.

Personal Profile
Hugo Crabb
Design & Marketing
Studies jazz, Keen cyclist and sports fan

Hugo studied Aeronautical Engineering (MEng) at university and joined an engineering fabrication company in Melbourne during his travels in Australia. Having always shown an interest towards design (winning an Arkwright scholarship at school) he decided to orientate himself toward design when he got back to England after his travels. As a means of learning design, he has been developing the Naked Telecom website, which is equipped for growth, SEO and client-side customisation. Hugo is keen to develop into a UX designer and has other projects on the go.

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