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Le Chardon Mountain Lodges has a portfolio of five luxury chalets in Val d’Isère and one of the Alps most exclusive resorts. Famous celebrities use it for their ski holidays.




Le Chardon required a flexible phone system for use between their Edinburgh office and resorts in Val d’Isère. It was essential that they were able to answer calls at any place and at any time, including away from the office. Le Chardon also needed to save money calling international numbers.


Naked Telecom implemented a site based 3CX VoIP phone system with two broadband connections. The two circuits ensure that if one fails the other takes over providing resilience. The broadband has QoS to ensure great voice quality for all calls. If there is a disaster or network failure, they can divert calls to any number. This provides business continuity to make sure inbound calls reach users regardless of any failure or disaster.

In the office there is a standard phone system with a mixture of fixed and cordless telephones. There are mobile phone apps that are essential to allow them to make and receive calls when working from home or elsewhere. At the same time the computer apps with headsets are useful when sitting at a desk at home.

Migration from an Old VoIP System

In 2011 there were various analogue lines direct to phones in the office. These separate phones did not allow calls to be transferred or even for messages to be taken. It was very basic yet expensive. We migrated this to a VoIP service provider using a 3CX phone system over a single ADSL connection that was dedicated to voice. The 3CX phone system software ran on a small server computer with a mechanical hard drive. This ran successfully for around 7 years and integrated closely with their other phone system in Val d’Isere.

In 2018 we migrated this 3CX system to the service they use today using a solid state server with dual broadband services. This was a simple process as we ported the numbers from the old VoIP provider to Naked Telecom.


Le Chardon Val d’Isere now have a modern flexible phone system that not only allows users to work from anywhere, but it also has resilience and business continuity built in. Calls are very good value.


Sam Crabb

We at ‘Le Chardon Val d’Isere’ used to have really excessive call charges monthly from both BT and France Telecom. We were struggling to get a good service at a reasonable cost. Naked Telecom designed our telephone network and installed two 3CX phone systems for our Edinburgh offices. Our operation is 24 x 7 and Naked Telecom provides excellent technical support for us. They truly are seasoned pioneers that connect our business!

Gareth Golding - IT Network Supervisor

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Ski Resort Phone and Internet

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What Our Customers Ask

What makes Naked Telecom different?

How long will migrating to a new service take?

I’m not sure if I have an Internet connection good enough for VoIP. How can you be sure the service will work?

Can I setup a local number for my business?

We’re highly skilled with industry experience acquired through a range of demanding roles. We may be a small company but we are experts at what we do, and because of our small footprint we can offer the best rates and work with your IT department to save you money.
That depends on how many users you have and how you’d like to migrate. If for example, you are a small business with 4 users, we can get you setup straight away. If you’re a business with 300 users, the process may take a couple of months depending on human and business factors. We may need to consider departmental needs separately. Alternatively we can come in over the weekend when you’re closed to upgrade the network and phone system all at once.
If your network doesn’t seem capable for VoIP, there is probably something that can be done about it. We are network engineers at our core and can help you solve network related VoIP problems to ensure that your Internet connection is ready for VoIP.
Yes you can. You can even choose the exact number you like so that it’s memorable.
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