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Radio Ninesprings is Yeovil's local community radio station. They have shows running day and night. The radio station is growing in size and will be adding new transmitters in Wincanton and Crewkerne soon to improve their coverage.


Naked Telecom were requested to build the data network for the new studio:-

  • Build the data networks for the studio, transmitter site and office
  • Build a link to deliver the audio program content from the studio to the transmitter site 2 miles away
  • Install a VoIP phone system, lines and broadband at both sites
  • Install a studio phone to allow callers to talk "over the air" by calling into the station
  • Test and prove arrangements to keep “on air” even when something fails
  • Provide the ability for presenters to operate mini studios at home
  • Allow access for outside broadcasts into the studio
  • Provide ongoing support


Naked Telecom worked with the Station Manager Steve, and the Technical Director Adrian to fully understand their requirements.

At the studio we installed three separate networks to achieve good performance and reliability, plus a secure guest WiFi access point. All of it was carefully labelled and documented to make maintenance easy.

The studio network was linked to the transmitter using an audio to IP converter that was connected to the transmitter over the IP data network. At the transmitter end the IP was converted back to audio and connected to the FM transmitter.

Contact from the audience over the telephone is crucial. We installed a 3CX phone system with a number of phones just like we would a standard office system. However, to allow callers to connect “over the air”, we built a special phone that linked into the studio mixer. This allows the presenter to talk privately to the caller, then connect them so that the studio audience can hear them over the air.

Ofcom requires that the station stays on-air even when hardware and systems fail. We set-up a system that plays alternative media to the FM transmitter when for some reason the audio feed fails.


Network Arrangements

The customer has several products and services:-

  • Broadband
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Data networks
  • Phone system
  • Provide open router ports for services in the studio



Licensing requirements dictatating that a station must not go off-air made this a challenging project.

Radio Ninesprings saved a lot of money on the “call in” feature, as Naked Telecom innovated this feature by combining other hardware and software.


Celebrating the Launch of Radio Ninesprings

We had a great a time setting up Radio Ninesprings. To all the team at Radio Ninesprings - thanks for making it a great project! Here at Naked Telecom, we wish you the best of luck and look forward to working with you for years to come!

Steve Hague
Radio Manager

During the planning of our new community radio station, it was identified that we would be needing specialist IT and networking services and we decided to ask Naked Telecom. Their directors are also experienced in audio and radio engineering.

This expertise proved invaluable both during the initial build of our studio and maintaining 24/7 operation once it had been commissioned. Security was a high priority and Naked Telecom recommended having our LAN segregated at the studio and remote transmitter site. Their comprehensive documentation and labelling of our systems has ensured that any issues can be quickly remedied.

Naked Telecom's response to technical queries and problems is always quick, often at unsociable times and this has helped ensure that our station remains on the air at all times. Without Naked Telecom, our project would have been impossible.

Gareth Golding - IT Network Supervisor

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