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Kavanaghs Chartered Surveyors are a growing and highly regarded residential and commercial property estate agent based in Melksham and Trowbridge, Wiltshire. They assist clients in buying property and land in Wiltshire and Somerset. This can be for private houses, industrial premises and building plots plus anything else in between.


Telephones to Kavanaghs are 'the single most important tool for their business' according to Henry King one of their directors. They make a large number of calls that are crucial for collaboration with buyers and sellers of property. With a phone system that wasn't performing as expected, Naked Telecom was asked to significantly improve both call quality and overall performance. We were asked to keep telephony alive during the migration and were fortunate in being able to work with SoundM (Kavanaghs IT supplier) to manage a seamless migration.

The existing 3CX phone system was hopelessly out of date and was not capable of being properly supported. As well as that, calls could be limited every month so that call credit expired and no more calls would be possible. In that case a “top-up” was needed. A very serious issue that the old provider could not fix. The telephones were old and unsupported. Making quality voice calls was impossible as there was no quality of service enabled for voice on the Internet connections.


We provided a second broadband connection at each site that was optimised for voice using Quality of Service technology. For the 3CX phone systems we installed reliable solid state servers to provide resilience through the two broadband connections at each site. Over a period of a few months we replaced all of the telephones with new Yealink T41S IP phones.

We also implemented business continuity, so that if there was any disaster or massive network failure it would be still possible to divert calls to users’ mobile phones, landlines or to an alternative location.

Traditionally Kavanaghs’ staff never used to work at home. However, with the Covid lockdown they had to. We helped them set up apps on their mobile phones and supported users working from home. Some needed help with mobile devices and tweaks to solve problems.

Migration from an Old VoIP System

We started by migrating the 3CX phone system from the old servers to new solid state servers running new up-to date software. This immediately helped with reliability. Converged broadband with quality of service was installed ready for us to port the voice over IP to Naked Telecom. We then ported the voice over IP from the old provider. From then on call quality was much improved. The old phones were still giving issues, so over time we changed them over to new Yealink T41S phones. These were much better and easier to use.


Kavanaghs rightly could not accept the poor performance of their old phone system along with the poor call quality. Landline telephones for estate agents are after all their most important business tool. We solved it quickly as we have the expertise with VoIP, broadband and data networking.

Robert House

Naked Telecom took over from our existing IT provider who operated our telecoms for our two busy estate agent offices. We were struggling with the quality of voice calls on our existing system. We are very pleased with the result and call quality is now a lot better and we have even seen our costs drop significantly. Naked Telecom re-configured the 3CX based phone system, as it wasn’t quite set up correctly, and provided new phones. Training was brilliant and they are always helpful. We would highly recommend Naked Telecom.

Gareth Golding - IT Network Supervisor

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Improving Network Performance for VoIP

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We’re highly skilled with industry experience acquired through a range of demanding roles. We may be a small company but we are experts at what we do, and because of our small footprint we can offer the best rates and work with your IT department to save you money.
That depends on how many users you have and how you’d like to migrate. If for example, you are a small business with 4 users, we can get you setup straight away. If you’re a business with 300 users, the process may take a couple of months depending on human and business factors. We may need to consider departmental needs separately. Alternatively we can come in over the weekend when you’re closed to upgrade the network and phone system all at once.
If your network doesn’t seem capable for VoIP, there is probably something that can be done about it. We are network engineers at our core and can help you solve network related VoIP problems to ensure that your Internet connection is ready for VoIP.
Yes you can. You can even choose the exact number you like so that it’s memorable.
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